Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GL Communications debuts newest GSM wireless backhaul testing solutions

GL Communications recently introduced the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM,) the latest versions of its testing solutions for wireless backhaul networks.

The recent, rapid rise of mobile communications triggered greater penetration of the mobile market by data and video applications. This increased the importance of wireless backhaul such as IP and Ethernet backhaul over fiber, microwave, and various flavors of TDM. To keep expenses down, operators have turned to alternative backhaul solutions.

According to GL Communications, traditional T1 E1 networks can no longer ensure reliable transmissions over an expanding number of cellular sites. Network operators now require the right tools to monitor and fix a wide variety of backhaul options

To that end, GL test gear allow operators to monitor and test backhaul networks no matter the media used. The Company's products come in portable, handheld, and PC-based variants, and are used on a global scale to keep an eye on deployed networks.

Hardware and software designer GL Communications offers a complete line of solutions that provides flexible test solutions to cellular operators in compliance with the needs of various network traffic. Its products can test cellular backhaul, cellular IP backhaul, carrier Ethernet backhaul, and point-to-point and multipoint circuits. It can also conveniently simulate backhaul systems within a laboratory.

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