Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pactel, Rural Tech Development sets up wireless solution for PNG LNG camp

Rural Tech Development and Pactel International joined forces to engineer a wireless solution for PNG LNG that ensures uniform coverage across the 1.2 square kilometers of PNG's accommodation camp.

The two companies designed their joint solution to improve the quality of life of the 9,000 PNG LNG workers who call the camp home away from home. Rural Tech and Pactel deployed secure VoIP Payphones for voice calls and granted WiFi access to the Internet through an Internet cafe and the workers's personal devices.

Pactel deployed a 10 Mb satellite link that employed a cost-efficient, carrier-grade Newtec platform and multiple bandwidth reserves. It also applied application filtering, bandwidth acceleration, QoS, and other value-adding services to ensure efficiency was maximized and operations proceeded seamlessly.

Rural Tech served as the manager for the design, installation, and layout of the updated wireless system at the PNG LNG camp site. It created a centralized management and billing system that allowed workers to access services by purchasing a pre-paid internet and VoIP card.

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