Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ancylus, Net1 create hybrid broadband solution for Scandinavian, Nordic maritime markets

The recently-formed strategic partnership of Ancylus AB and Net1 plans to deliver a cost-effective hybrid solution of wireless and satellite broadband services to the maritime markets in Scandinavia and Nordic waters.

Net1's wireless broadband will deliver high speed Internet to ships docked in port or operating in Nordic waters up to 60 nautical miles from the shores of Scandinavia. Ancylus will provide satellite broadband connectivity once the ships move outside the range of its partner's wireless network.

The hybrid broadband solution is optimized for marine activities like fishing, ferries, offshore oil and gas, short sea trade, and yachts.

In the wake of the worldwide economic downturn, the shipping industry seeks to lower costs wherever it can. Yet it is also becoming more and more reliant on high speed Internet and voice services for business and leisure purposes. The hybrid solution from Ancylus and Net1 will significantly lower the costs of communication while also increasing data speeds thanks to its combination of wireless and satellite broadband connectivity. 

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