Monday, July 16, 2012

L-3 GCS will build VSAT units for US special forces

L-3 Communications will be developing and supplying a special VSAT satcom unit based on L-3's Hawkeye III product for American special forces.

L-3's subsidiary, L-3 GCS, received a five-year contract potentially worth $500 million from the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM.) Through the Special Operations Forces Deployable Node-Family of Terminals (SDN-Lite FoT) program, L-3 GCS will provide tactically-deployed Special Operations Forces (SOF) users with the capability to communicate with anyone in the world clearly and securely.

To this end, L-3 GCS will develop and build Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite systems that special forces operatives can carry with them into the most remote and hostile regions in the world.

“L-3 GCS will begin delivering tri-band Hawkeye™ III Lite 1.2-meter terminals and quad-band 2.0-meter terminals later this year," announced  Bob Jacobson, president of L-3 GCS. He added that the company is currently improving its engineering and production capabilities to meet the requirements and objectives of USSOCOM's commandos.

L-3 GCS supplies deployable satellite communications solutions and turnkey systems to military and civilian customers alike. The L-3 subsidiary offer a complete line of satellite communications products including satellite phones and airtime, quick-deploy VSAT terminals, and vehicular communications system.

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